Users Testimonials

I went to Bernhard because I was constantly sore in the area of a two year old surgery. The surgery was “successful,” but adhesions and scarring led to the soreness.  My physician had offered only pain killers, and acupuncture and chiropractics had not alleviated the pain.  My acupuncturist recommended Bernhard.

Bernhard was the only one to alleviate the constant soreness.  He explained everything in advance and was very methodical.  The treatments were never painful, and Bernhard always asked me to let him know when the pressure became uncomfortable.  He knew exactly what to try: what pressure where would give me some release.  It took only 3 sessions to relieve the pain and soreness for the first time in a couple of years.

I will consider Bernhard for any future treatments where I think rolfing will be helpful, and I recommend him to anyone considering rolfing treatments.

Doug G.

Bernhard is a wonderful Rolf practitioner, a skilled structural integration practitioner. I highly recommend him! You will thank yourself for making an appointment to see Bernhard as he is incredibly skilled at helping with all matter of body work. He is also an advanced Rolf practitioner.

Bonnie M.

Bernhard really made a huge difference for me and was the only person who was able to help. I had seen multiple specialists and doctors to treat plantar fasciitis. No one was able to make a difference. I was really without much hope and the only thing left was surgery. I was resistant to the idea and really did not want surgery unless there was no other way. I could barely walk after years of triathlon and running and my entire life was difficult – just in terms of getting around as well as being able to exercise and enjoy life. Bernhard believed he could help me and he did. His methods are sound and they work! Within a few months of being treated by him- I can walk, run, and resume normal activity again. My life has changed for the better. I cannot offer him enough praise- where doctors simply wanted to jump right into surgery- he had a different way of healing. Not to mention the fact that he is a fantastic person. I will continue to see him for treatment to prevent my body from getting off track again in the future. He is an ultimate healer and truly knows his craft. Get in to see him now!

Laurene R.

Bernhard is the most amazing rolfer! He is absolutely great. I have no more backaches. When I sprained my ankle he worked on it and it healed right away instead of me having to endure weeks of limping around in pain. And the TMJ I had is gone. I lead a pain-free life. It is such a gift to have Bernhard as my bodyworker to keep me healthy and well.

Heidi M.

I've been seeing Bernhard for about 6 months; I signed up for an initial 10 session series and am continuing my work with him. My initial reason for seeking his care and consultation was chronic pain in my back and neck. Additionally, I was recovering from arm surgery for nerve repair. His work is nothing short of miraculous. I've cut out chiropractic care, accupuncture and have significantly cut down on pain medication and soon to be weaned off completely. I have returned to running several times a week and both my mobility and flexibility have increased. As a healthcare professional, I can't say enough great things about Bernhard's work. He is skilled technically and amazingly intuitive. I have come to trust him and truly respect his work. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking to improve their overall physical and emotional well being as well as anyone seeking any type of work for chronic pain or mobility problems. You won't be disappointed.

Tom Y,