Rolfing for Horses & Dogs

Rolfing for Horses & Dogs

Horses benefit enormously from my Rolfing practice. My aim is to help the animals attain pain free movement. Whether constrictions in mobility result from structural defect, injury or disease, my rolfing practice enables the animal to discover the optimal alignment of their spine.

This occurs by releasing restrictions in their connective tissue. Horses regain their flexibility and natural patterns of movement free of the inhibiting effects of pain.

  • My work starts with creating a connection with your horse or your dog to participate in the process. Then we work to re-discover the joy of movement.

  • I treat the animal according to my observations of their leg positions and movement patterns. The relief of restrictions in the connective tissues leads the horse to a pain free gait and supports easier training.

  • Quite often obstacles in training are due to restrictions of the connective tissue which can cause painful movement. As the animal is released from pain they are able to win back their natural gait and progress in training.