Rolfing for Wellness

Rolfing for Wellness

Rolfing supports programs of personal wellness.

Dancers, musicians and athletes benefit greatly from Rolfing’s ability to release held movement patterns caused by repetitive motion and resolve old traumatic injuries while enhancing their performance.

Rolfing often brings the body back to its full potential. It can enhance performance by releasing psycho-physiological barriers, reducing muscular inefficiencies and is promoting muscular strength and performance.

Here is what one of my clients told me:

“Thank you for the amazing session with you yesterday!! It was amazing to feel the changes and then afterwards I walked with such ease and lightness I felt like I could have gone for miles. I have never walked like that before, even with years of work with various body work practitioners.  I’m looking forward to continuing my sessions with you and strengthening this new posture and way of moving. It will be so much better for my chronically painful foot and the rest of me and emotionally, I felt so confident as I walked. Such delight and joy!”